Download 49 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery

Title: 49 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgery doesn't always turn out the way people want it to - and that's true for celebrities as well as the rest of us

-------------------- Cosmetic surgery before and after------------------
01. Cameron Diaz
02. Tyra Banks
03. Daryl Hannah
04. Heather Locklear
05. Jessica Lange
06. Sylvester Stallone
07. Oprah
08. Priscilla Presley
09. Demi Moore
10. Jennifer Grey
11. Madonna
12. Lisa Rinna
13. Tori Spelling
14. Catherine Zeta Jones
15. Nicole Kidman
16. Ashley Tisdale
17. Fergie
18. Christina Aguilera
19. Courtney Cox
20. Donatella Versace
21. Janet Jackson
22. Lindsay Lohan
23. Sarah Jessica Parker
24. Jessica Simpson
25. Jennifer Aniston
26. Courtney Love
27. Kris Jenner
28. Jocelyn Wildenstein
29. Scarlett Johansson
30. Cher
31. Heidi Montag
32. Megan Fox
33. Uma Thurman
34. Pamela Anderson
35. Dolly Parton
36. Kylie Jenner
37. Barry Manilow
38. Kim Kardashian
39. Ashlee Simpson
40. Blake Lively
41. Renee Zellweger
42. Bruce Jenner
43. Melanie Griffith
44. Joan Rivers
45. Michael Jackson
46. Janice Dickinson
47. Lil’ Kim
48. Mickey Rourke
49. Meg Ryan

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