Download 5 CREEPY True SWAMP Encounters - Darkness Prevails

Title: 5 CREEPY True SWAMP Encounters - Darkness Prevails
Uploaded on: 30 Jun 2017
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These 5 true stories are supernatural and paranormal stories of haunted forests, wild animal attacks, hiking and camping, and possible bigfoot sightings from subscribers.
- Real Animal Attack - Mountain Lion Attack by LordRamsay24
- Always Clean Up Your Mess - Scary Bear Attack at the Campground
- Myseteries into the woods - The Forest of Real Ghost Stories by Shannon M.
- Grandma's Story - Creepy Camping Trip - RV Campout and Bigfoot or Wild Animal by Mariko
- Camping Terrors - Something in the woods - Supernatural - Almost National Park Search and Rescue - by Squirtgunbotany

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5 CREEPY True SWAMP Encounters - Darkness Prevails

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