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Title: Bollywood Stars Who Became Poor From Rich
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1.Mitali Sharma :- Bhojpuri actress and model, Mitali Sharma was recently found bagging in Mumbai.

2. Parveen Babi :- Being the bold actress, she was found dead in her Mumbai flat with proverty.

3. Raj Kiran :- he was found in a badly demented state in a mental asylum in Atlanta, America.

4. Alisha Khan :- The actress belonged to a royal family. But, she was last seen on streets of Delhi in pathetic condition.

5. AK Hangal :- This famous face of bollywood, took his last breath in a Govt hospital with proverty.

6. Geetanjali Nagpal :- Being a successful model, she got too addicted of drugs. She was found begging on the streets Delhi.

7. Meena Kumari :- This bollywood queen, got addicted to alcohol and died, leaving behind lot of debts

8. Vimi :- After divorce, this famous actress got alcohol addicted and expired in a Govt Hospital.

9. Bharat Bhushan :- Being a popular hero, he earned a lot. His habit of not saving money let him work as a watchman in his last days.

10. Achala Sachdev :- She died a painful death due to ignorance by her son and daughter.

11. Bhagwan Dada :- He was the ower of bungalows and cars. But he died in a dirty slum in Mumbai.

12. Jagdish Mali :- This famous bollywood photographer was found on road with begging.

13. Chandra Mohan :- His addiction to gambling and alcohol took away not just his all wealth and his life at the age of 44.

14. O.P Nayyar :- Leading musician O. P. Nayyar spent his last day in pathetic condition due to his alcoholism.

15. Satish Kaul :- After working in 300 movies, he lost all his money in a business that led to his bad health and left him bedridden.
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