Download Daydream Hotel Trailer (2017) Fantasy Movie [HD]

Title: Daydream Hotel Trailer (2017) Fantasy Movie [HD]
Uploaded on: 2 Agu 2017
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In 2022, wealthy guests of a special hotel get turned into fantasy characters.

Daydream Hotel Trailer (2017) Fantasy Movie [HD]
Drama | Family | Fantasy | Romance

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It's the near future, the Summer of 2022 - and the Hotel Del Coronado - also known as the Daydream Hotel - now offers the ultimate immersive experience - where for $1-million per day, wealthy guests get to undergo the Hotel's patented Human Digital Transformation (HDT) process and turn into one of the many fantasy characters pre-chosen from the resort's official DayDream Character Menu. The Hotel del Coronado is located in Coronado Beach Town in the nation's 55th state - Southwest California. The owner and operator of The Del is Mr. Sugarman (Andre Zotoff). If Liberace owned a hotel that made dreams come true in the year 2022 - he would be just like Mr. Sugarman. Back in 2017, when Sugarman authorized the excavation of the world's deepest tunnel for a new thrill ride at his Hotel, workers uncovered a strange sky blue-colored mineral when they hit the 8-mile mark - deep below the earth's crust and directly under the Hotel del Coronado. A local San Diego archeologist, Otis Von Sink (Mike McCulloch) was called in to identify and analyze the mysterious glowing blue rocks. Otis determines this is a new mineral and named it, Blue-Otis Hydronium Kleptonic Oxide. But the super powerful energy of the Flint-Rocks is the only magic happening at the Daydream Hotel. To help make the HDT fantasy characters feel totally immersed in their experience - a massive mission control staff, hidden 10-stories below the hotel, directs hired actors and extras, and manages special effects to give each fantasy character a truly immersive and interactive experience on the world's most expensive movie set - the Hotel del Coronado. But when a rival resort owner, Betty Blackstone - from the Glorietta Bay Inn across the street - tries to steal the Ignitor Rod from the Daydream Hotel transformation Tunnel - she causes a massive short-circuit which send the HDT Guests into a tailspin and a dangerous Pacific Ocean.

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