Download Dietitian’s Thoughts On What Netflix’s The Magic Pill Gets WRONG About The Keto Diet

Title: Dietitian’s Thoughts On What Netflix’s The Magic Pill Gets WRONG About The Keto Diet
Uploaded on: 20 Jun 2018
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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is revisiting the documentary The Magic Pill she looked at last week and wants to talk about what they got wrong about the keto diet.

Let’s do this.

(0:48) #1 Early Humans Only Ate Meat and Fat
The film makes the claim that our ancestors ate a keto type diet but that is just not true. Based on archeological and anthropological data carbs were integral for the growth of the human brain over the last million years. From tubers and seeds to fruits and nuts, carbs have been around for a long time and many studies have found that starchy foods made us smarter by providing our brains with glucose.

(2:25) #2 Confusing Messages About Processed Foods
Here are some cringe worthy quotes. First of all, the majority of foods are processed and the doc does not take the time to make the distinction between processed and ultra processed foods. The doc demonizes several processed foods but encourages other processed foods like bacon and coconut oil. The doc definitely needs to refine the recommendations.

(4:28) #3 All Carbohydrates Are Bad
Again, the film makes carbs out to be the big bad enemy and there are several quotes the demonstrate this. The film does not distinguish between the different types of carbs and claims they are additive and lead to diabetes. The film misses the benefits of fibre and the role whole grains play in lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

(6:06) #4 Eat More Animal Foods Than Plant Based Foods
The doc wants to flip the food pyramid so that animal foods are eaten in higher amounts however it gets really confusing when they include a highly processed food like bacon at the base of the pyramid. Abbey is no vegan, but she is a huge supporter of plant based foods and there are a variety of studies that they are beneficial to our health.

(7:28) #5 Animal Foods Should Be the Primary Source of Protein
The film wants you to ditch legumes and other plant based proteins because they’re too high in carbs and instead get your protein fix from meat. However, Abbey makes it clear of the abundant cholesterol lowering benefits of plant based proteins. A high intake of red meat and processed meats may be linked to heart disease, however Abbey recommends eating these foods in moderation. Finding a balance is key.

(8:57) #6 Food as MAGIC PILL
Abbey is all about the food first philosophy, however thinks this doc may have taken it too far. The doc shares the story of people that have been able to ditch their medication because of the diet, however aside from diet there are a number of other factors that impact our health. Sometimes medication and other interventions are the only solution or an essential part of the solution. However just going off medication or therapy and taking on a diet can be dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Yes, the Magic Pill did get some things right abou the keto diet, but there’s still a lot of information and research that they omitted to support their case. We still need a lot more research to able to say with confidence that the keto diet is the magic pill. Abbey believes that the keto diet has its merits, especially in clinical settings, but it’s not without its risks and may not be good for everyone.

For more tips on staying healthy, recipes, dieting, and information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere stop by Abbey’s blog.

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