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Title: Duel (1971) - All Sightings
Uploaded on: 1 Feb 2019
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All Sightings of the menacing and quite frankly, creepy as f*ck truck from Duel (1971).

Monster Analysis is a series that lets you get a good look at all those money shots you go to the cinema for. Get a better look at your favourite creatures and monsters from new, and old movies past with this epic series! And why not show your appreciation for the art of visual and practical effects by joining in on the disscussions in the comments where I and others share their theories, facts and trivia.

10:45 - 12:22 - Vyen - Addicted
24:32 - 25:21 - Kevin MacLeod - Future Gladiator
30:26 - 34:13 - CJ Burnett - Joy Ride
Duel OST

Three trucks & two Plymouth Valiant's were used, 'auditioned' by spielberg and his small team

Universal Television -


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