Download Former Vegan Explains How Ignorant She Was - Good SOIL = Death

Title: Former Vegan Explains How Ignorant She Was - Good SOIL = Death
Uploaded on: 25 Apr 2018
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From the very flawed but at times useful documentary The Magic Pill, available on Netflix. They go into the evils of cultivated crops in a simplified way that obscures some important realities and the potential healthfulness of these grain crops (and their integral, foundational role in human evolution and the forming of civilizations), operating on the assumption that ancient diets = good; diets beginning from the last 10,000 years (ie grain inclusive) = bad. The general thrust (low carb / high fat = good) is sound but I think research better supports unrefined/less refined carbs /high fat = good. They also did not stress the importance of RAW DAIRY. And they failed to recognize that stevia is not necessarily a healthy alternative to sugar, and promoted it, not recognizing that the same logic they used to criticize margarine and most other vegetable fats is the same logic that should draw criticism towards stevia and other sugar substitutes.

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