Download Interview - Okamoto Yoko, 6th Dan Aikido Shihan [/w Subtitles]

Title: Interview - Okamoto Yoko, 6th Dan Aikido Shihan [/w Subtitles]
Uploaded on: 16 Jul 2014
Duration: 17.29
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Upload by: Guillaume Erard - Aikido & Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu
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This is a documentary presenting Aikido Kyoto, the dojo founded and headed by Okamoto Yoko, a 6th Dan Shihan from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Okamoto Shihan is one of the highest ranking female Aikido instructors. This documentary was shot in June 2014 at Okamoto Sensei's Nishijin Dojo in Kyoto, Japan.
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--- CREDITS ---
Directed and edited by Guillaume Erard

Music by Guillaume Erard (available on iTunes

Additional translations by Fukuda Megumi

---- SUBTITLES ----
Many thanks to the following people for their help with subtitles:

Bulgarian: Silvia Marton (
Czech: Robert Peša (
German: Guenter Zorn and Elke Sehlbach-Zorn
Italian: Nicola Rossi
Polish: Dominika Biela
Russian: Tatyana Kosareva
Spanish: Gabriel Weiszman
Vietnamese: Minh Pham

If you feel you want to contribute to translating these subtitles in your own language, please write to me in the comments below!

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