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Title: SIFF 2017 Trailer: Bill Frisell, A Portrait
Uploaded on: 4 Mei 2017
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Screening at the Seattle International Film Festival. Tickets available now:

Australia | 2017 | 114 minutes | Emma Franz

The normally reclusive Grammy-winning guitarist and Seattle native steps out of the shadows for a layered exploration of his life, work, and collaborative process, including how he developed a unique sonic voice that blends jazz with folk, rock, classical, and avant-garde.

Bill Frisell is not simply a universally admired guitarist and composer—and very possibly the world's nicest person, as Emma Franz's doc suggests—but a living embodiment of the inadequacy of the labels we attach to musical genres. He comes from the jazz world, but, especially in recent years, those who try to describe his output are as apt to mention country or Americana. Music that has germinated his abundantly imaginative improvisations includes the work of John Lennon, Aaron Copland, and Madonna; among his collaborators over the years have been Renee Fleming, Lucinda Williams, and the BBC Symphony—shown here in a generous amount of rehearsal footage for one of Frisell's compositions. Franz also visits him at his Bainbridge Island home, full of his recordings (when Frisell says he's made hundreds of albums, he's not kidding) and his guitars (each one has a story). The talking heads here wax rapturous about not only Frisell's versatility but, conversely, the personal, unmistakable style and sound he brings to everything he plays; fellow guitarist John Abercrombie perhaps sums it up best when he says "You hear the history of the guitar when he plays."

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