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Title: Spartacus & Ilithyia || Sex And Pain || Spartacus
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Guys, I think that Ilithyia and her attitude towards Spartacus deserve a separate video project on my channel. Ilithyia is an amazing woman, she is amazingly cunning, sly, base and greedy. And at the same time, the scale of its depravity affects vision and hearing. She is also seductive, graceful and ambitious. At first, she caused such persistent aversion and anger in me, and it was great! This means that the actress has perfectly performed her work, having played her role. Subsequently, I was able to see in Ilithyia and the irresistible desire to be forever young, beloved and desired. And, in my opinion, in the end, she didn’t just want to s*x with Spartacus, after having s*x with Spartacus, an animal passion and attraction to him appeared inside Ilithyia and with the appearance of a child inside her and some sort of invisible connection with him. Under other circumstances, this could be love. in general, and Spartacus found something attractive in it, it was visible in his eyes, her passion completely seized him at the time of s*x. Excellent couple, I felt real sympathy and regret for her, despite her intrigues and deceit.

"Our desires always disappoint us; for though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectation."
La Rochefoucauld

Soundtracks: Two Steps from Hell - Broken Dream.
Characters: Spartacus, Ilithyia.
Software: Sony Vegas.
Ask me: [email protected]

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