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Title: SPOOK BRIDGE Movie Trailer
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SPOOK BRIDGETHE STORY OF AMELETHA BIRCHQuitman, Georgia, founded in 1858, is a small quiet town in the southern most part of the Empire State of the South. Located notfar from this gracious little town is a bridge built across the Withlacoochee River in the 1920's. A bridge with many mysterious and unexplained deaths and has earned the nickname, SPOOK BRIDGE. In 1870, Ameletha Birch, only 15 years old, was banished from her family home. Her father, Beauregard Birch, a very well off Plantation owner, did not approve of her love affair with a hired handof another color. Only her Mammy showed love and compassion for Ameletha. She gave her a spell pendant that would keep her safe in the woods in which she was left by her Father to die.In 1916 a court battle raged questioning the legitimacy of land ownership in Brooks County, GA. The owner, Ameletha Birch, was being forced to sell her land so that a bridge could be built crossing the Withlacoochee river. She refused. But with orders from prominent individuals, Miss Birch was brutally murdered and her land seized. The bridge was completed in the early 1920's but not without a price. Before her brutal attack, Ameletha Birch placed a curse upon her land and the bridge. Due to the many lives that have been lost throughout the years and natures fury which caused much destruction, the bridge was abandoned.In  2016, one hundred years after Ameletha Birch's murder, her final curse is about to come forth. SPOOK BRIDGE is a horror film that follows a Reporter Clyde Adams, a man in search of the cause of the recent mysterious deaths of three teenagers on Spook Bridge. Clyde's interest is deeper than just this recent event of gruesome murders. His parents were found murdered on the bridgein 1996. Welcomed by some and not by others, Clyde's presence in this small town will prove more fearful than he could have ever imagined.

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