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Title: Smino - KOVERT (Official Audio)
Uploaded on: 7 Nov 2018
Duration: 4.39
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Upload by: Smino
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Smino - “KOVERT"
'Hoopti Tour' tickets:

Prod. by THEMpeople & Smino

I aint seen my momma inna minute On my heart jus like a pendant
i hate thinking bout dat shit its Like a domino
black spots in my Memory
I White out all the pain W/ green
Das da only kolor
Dat aint dun me wrong
how im harming dese niggas Wit dese harmonies nigga
Is u a r&b nigga
gotta know
Smi D Jakes
He doin good he
Hand out meals all
in Da hood he
Made a million off a hoodies All profit hoe
Caught a flight,
From the Lou
To the west side
For the fee
Look at me
Momma I’m fly
Really can’t catch a break Need the kit Kat I
Put that chocolate in the light
You remind me of my coupe Gas me up good
Pass me a wood
NOIR Album by Smino
I roll up my insecurities
Fire up the foolery
Frolicking foolishly
Flirt with some bitches
But know I can’t do a thing Guess the company humors me I got a boo and she good to me
Leave me lone Singing OUTRO
Covert Coupe Comin right thru Down set hut Windows tinted like Sioux tribe
Playin my music
Playin my music
Patna hit my phone
Said he got a chocolate bone And she be playin my music Playin my music
Lemme introduce u
Like da startin 5 in Houston Blow da doobie
Ain’t bout blood
Or ain’t bout love
Don’t include me
I’m da plug
She wanna f*ck
Well socket 2 me
She wanna get a tattoo She wanna get my name I told ha don’t do dat
I told ha she insane
We Smokin out da bathroom Wet towel errthang
But loud
Gone Loud
Sho nuff
Heard da doorbell rang
I ain’t fina answer dat Wait til dey leave
And we leave out

Hol on
Get da febreeZe out Yard work
Put da weed out
F*ck it I’ll pay da fee Dam
Wanna pick yo brain My Love
Gimme Scalp
Dat Leave Out
Heard that thang Was dangerous
Wet flo sign Wen u leave out
Drip Drop
On my flip flop
U can’t find dese flip flops Dese hoes from shibuya
Dat my bish she boo yea Got on dat see thru dress
Yes Sheer Oh cummere
HOOK repeats



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