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Title: Emery - Young Boy's Dream (Official Audio)
Uploaded on: 8 Nov 2018
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Official audio for 'Young Boy's Dream'', off our new album 'Eve', available now!

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I walked down to the corner mart to get myself a slice and coke. Thoughts so big inside my head, but my parents swore I’d end up broke. My favorite band on the radio telling me I should let go, but I don’t think so. Just get back to the studio. It was in my eyes before I spoke. It was in my heart before I woke. Your picture saved on my screen. Oh how does a young boy dream. It’s death or it’s life everyone tries to stay between. Scared what you’ll find in your head is that what you mean. The stories they told, the world opens and devours you. Guard every hope because you only have a few. The songs we sang breathed life in us before anyone even noticed. My was heart full as I said, I’ll play these songs until I’m dead.
You're never as alone as you will feel. Don’t ever let them take the wheel. The doubt may come but it will go. You only have to make it to the next show. I’m not scared anymore. It’s the one promise I made to myself. It won’t go away. Don’t let it go away

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